Instrumental:   Our group of young, highly educated, and experienced teachers are always enthusiastic to work with all individuals, helping to nurture their talents and reach their unique musical potential. Instruments of instruction include Violin, Viola.  

Chamber:    As the Violin, Viola and Cello students progress through the group classes, ensemble playing skills will be acquired preparing them for playing independent parts of the same piece in trios, duos and quartets.  

Theory:   Theory courses are divided into groups, based on the specific Royal Conservatory of Music exam level for which the student is preparing. Studying music theory is integral to a deep understanding of music's structure and also leads into composition, the art of creating one's own music.   

Musicianship skills:   Students will learn to tune their active minds and bodies to music using solfege, active rhythm, and repertoire. Rhythms and melodies will be clapped and performed in groups, developing important listening and ensemble skills.  

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