Kitchener-Waterloo Youth Chamber Music Program (Contact us for details)

!!!!!Start of Summer Recital June 30th 2019 14:30 @ Conrad Grebel Chapel  UW!!!!

Practice tips:  

-After your lesson go home and practice as soon as possible, do a short focused practice to go over your lesson activities once by yourself. 

-Do not set a timer, instead set an achievable goal.

-Practice 30 minutes of technique daily.

-When you have achieved your goal, go do an other activity.

-Quality in large quantities makes for good strong habits.

-Only practice as long as your attention span allows you to be focused and forming good habits. 

-Instead of doing your daily practice of an hour and a half in one go, break it up into two more constructively laid out sessions of 45 minutes.  Being able to maintain good focus is very important